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This site is open to any educator who is interested in Arts Integration and will be the digital conversation specifically for the Amesbury, MA school district's PLC focusing in Arts Integration (PLaiC).

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external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQbBpPDwo8uzXVIlwY0I5vpXI7y-tI9V2FtmWTBsIE-FaceXfZyA note on discussions -

The discussion tab above is meant for any and all teachers around the world who are interested in arts integration. All Amesbury PLaiC teachers are invited to add to the discussions on the 2011-2012 Meeting Notes page. These are specific to our meetings.

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What is PLaiC?

In this Professional Learning Community, teachers in grades Pre-K - 12 will learn effective arts integration strategies to use in their teaching through hands-on work and discussion with colleagues. As a PLC, participants are encouraged throughout the year to share or present integration ideas to the group for discussion before or after implementation. We will learn and grow together! At the end of the year, participants will have a repertoire of ideas, activities and lessons, based in the arts, to use in their areas of teaching.

Some links about PLCs:
Introduction to PLCs

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